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Synterra Ltd / H2L2 was the architectural consultant to URS for the replacement of the Germantown Avenue Bridge, a 1920’s structure over the Wissahickon Creek, which rests on original piers dating to 1789. This important structure not only serves as a “gateway” to the City of Philadelphia, but is included in the Chestnut Hill National Historic District, neighboring Chestnut Hill College and the Morris Arboretum. The bridge serves as the terminus and point of beginning for the pedestrian, equestrian, and bicycle paths of Fairmount Park’s Forbidden Drive, one of the city’s most treasured recreational resources. The new bridge included a special pedestrian plaza/rest area.

Given the importance of the site and structure, Synterra Ltd / H2L2 worked closely with the engineering prime, governmental agencies, and the various organizations within the Chestnut Hill community to design a replacement bridge that is both respectful of the historic setting and stone fabric of the bridge piers and that is consistent with current engineering and highway design standards.

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