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Flagler Memorial Bridge

The Flagler Memorial Bridge is one of the three bridges that connect the Town of Palm Beach to Florida’s mainland and the City of West Palm Beach. All three bridges span the Lake Worth Lagoon as well as the Intercostal Waterway. Each bridge has a movable bascule. The Flagler Memorial Bridge was constructed in 1938 and is part of SR A1A. After serving for more than seventy years, the bridge had to be replaced by modern structure incorporating all necessary upgrades .

It was very important that the new Flagler bridge replacement project would have as much attention given to aesthetics as its sister, the Royal Park Bridge, located just south on intercostal waters and replaced just few years before. Location and image of Flagler Memorial Bridge can be compared on a scale with Golden Gate or Oakland Bay Bridges in California or with Parisian bridges. History and tradition of Mediterranean architecture in Southern Florida has giving us the opportunity and responsibility to make sure that the new bridge, in its scale and correct proportions, is a responsible way to address all architectural challenges and becomes an important part of local landscape, accepted by visitors and local inhabitants.

Synterra Ltd / H2L2’s scope of work included developing and detailing the tender house, ornamental handrails, surface treatments, abutment, and approach to plaza treatments. The new bridge has become another signature structure of the Intracoastal Waterway, appearing in tourist snapshots and photographic prints as a reminder of the Florida experience. The bridge’s owner is the Florida State Department of Transportation.

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