About Us

Each project is an opportunity to strengthen our reputation for creating innovative and functional design solutions.

We are a full service firm with an extraordinary track record for solving complex problems.

Whether the project is a university, a bridge, a stadium, or a park, our goal is to serve the needs of the owner, the public, and the community that is its home.


More than simply words, our vision guides our actions, motivates our decision-making, and is the outgrowth of our experience and dreams as individuals and collectively as a company.

The name Synterra provides a snapshot of our philosophy. Syn meaning “with” and Terra­ meaning “earth” provides the foundation for everything we do. Our firm of professionals believe that whether working domestically or internationally, a cross­cultural perspective is essential for the success of all projects.

This sensitivity, combined with award winning design and management is at work every day at Synterra. This perspective and commitment to excellence makes us a skilled team member, and in many instances, is why we are often called upon to lead a team.

Either way, we take our responsibility very seriously. We believe that each new project is an opportunity to make a place better and improve people’s experiences and lives.